Underneath the rough exterior is a beautiful wood with wild twisting grain patterns that finishes beautifully with an unexpected warmth and dimension. Its transformation draws intrigue and wonder. 

The vast Wyoming “Sagebrush Sea” is the core of my style and art work, with much of my inspiration and materials being sourced from it. Sagebrush is the Pillar of life for plants and animals in the west.

Weathering the seasons year after year. Holding strong in the harsh Wyoming wind. Enduring the long dry seasons and in turn surviving the long cold winters. The rough and twisted bark is evidence of the arduous life it’s endured, and yet, prevailed.


sagebrush collection

I can't explain it, but I am drawn to this hardy brush. I feel compelled to add it to my work and tell its story.

Every grain on this wood has a story to tell. Maybe a Sage Grouse took refuge under it branches while a coyote ran by, or an antelope survived a bleak winter foraging on its leaves.

We may never know its stories, but I know every piece I finish is a reminder of the rugged beauty of Wyoming. 

I invite you to explore the pieces available at Cottonwood Interiors in Cody, Wyoming or to get in touch to inquire about carefully and artfully packaging shipping nationwide. Of course we can also explore a custom commissioned woodworking piece that tells your unique story. A consultation session is just a message away.

If the sagebrush collection is calling to you...

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